Monday, November 12, 2007


Two things:
First, Maggie now needs to have her morning coffee. After watching my mom have her morning fix for the past few months she has now decided she's ready to join the club. It's about a tsp of coffee, one cup of milk and some whipped cream and she thinks it's to die for.
And second, Maggie has been doing really well saying her prayers all by herself the past few months. I thought I would share one of her latest:

"Dear God, thank you for Daddy, Mommy, JoeLaney (that's Joe and Delaney combined there), Gamma, Pops, milk, and Tommy (the neighbor's dog). Thank you for the baby comin' (Lauren's baby due in April), Greg (one of the Wiggles) and the remote (yes, she included the TV remote control...ugh). Jesus name Amen."

I'm just happy to be included in the group of people and things that she finds important at the moment!


Jenny said...

Hi! I love your blog! And Maggie's prayer was just adorable. I bet it was music to God's ears!! The twins are getting's hard to believe that you guys have three kiddos! I tried to email you a couple times, but I must have an old address. Drop me an email sometime so we can catch up!

Rachel Stewart said...

Oh my gosh, that is seriously the cutest thing EVER. She is so gorgeous and funny- the remote, haha!

c&k Bridges said...

How she is growing up so quickly! Coffee and saying her own prayers. How adorable! Thank you for sharing.