Friday, February 1, 2008

A visit from Rex...

We just finished a whirlwind of a visit with Lauren and Rex! We loved having them here and had a lot of fun watching Maggie and Rex singlehandedly trash our parent's house with toys and run circles around the twins.

Matching PJs and stylish mohawks for the boys!
(And yes, that's Mary Poppins in the background...we think
Maggie is finally over her Polar Express craze!)

Delaney & Joe...6 months-old and doing great!

Maggie put Rex right to work outside...

Do we see a pattern here?? Luckily I don't think Rex seemed
to mind, and Aunt Lauren was happy to let her tire him out!

Poor Joe, stuck between the girls and not too amped
about the hat his mom made him wear in the freezing
65 degree weather! (That's cold for here!) A big
thanks to his Aunt Nicki for knitting both caps in the
photo--at least Delaney is a good sport!

Ok, I know this photo isn't that great, but I had to add it.
You have no idea how difficult it was to get this picture
of all four in one spot with no one crying...seriously.


K & D said...

Hi, this is Daphne, Kyle's wife. Thanks for the message on Ava's page. You guys are the cutest family! Kyle was excited to hear from you. Where do you live? The 65 deg. weather comment made me curious. Do you live in FL?

Jalyn said...

Rex and Joe look so much alike- it is too cute! Looks like everyone had a great visit.

Rachel said...

Lauren is getting so big!! How exciting. You can tell that the boys totally look alike. Princess Maggie is already learning how to make boys do all the heavy lifting- I love it!!! Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Jenny - thanks so much for the carter's outfit. you're sweet to think of us. i'm on pleonast if you want to see some pictures of logan and blair. my user name is lala. thanks again!

Becky said...

Okay so this looks like it may be repetitive because of your other comments, but I have to say the boys look so much alike. That first picture says it all. The kids all look beautiful and its amazing how fast time is flying by us.

c&k Bridges said...

It looks like you had a blast! I can't believe the twins are 6 months already.