Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmases

I was having too much fun looking at all of our old Christmas pictures the other night. Here are all of our christmases thus far...

2007--Lake Tahoe

2006--Just Maggie and I xmas morning at my parent's house (I'm 2 mos pregnant with the twins...but don't know it's twins yet) and Kody was stuck working that day.  :(

2005--Maggie is 2 mos old and and we are at my parent's house here.

2004--Our second xmas together at our little condo (pre-kids and pre-chaos!)

2003--this is just before xmas...we were in Nashville for Kody's cousin's wedding. Our First Christmas....ahh memories!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny - hope you and your family had a great holiday. Thanks for our christmas card - too cute!
I LOVE looking at old pictures. i always feel like I look like such a baby. Where has time gone? The 2007 picture, Joe looks just like Tyson. Don't you think?
Hugs to all.
Lauren N

Jalyn said...

That was so fun to look back at all those Christmas pictures. It's amazing how your family has grown and changed! Your kids are precious and you and Kods look alright too. : ) Hope your Christmas was great and have a happy new year.

Rachel said...

Wow, a lot can change in 5 years!!! Dare I say that you've gotten prettier every year?! It's not even fair! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for 2009. :)