Friday, January 23, 2009

A day at the farm

A bunch of moms from church got together and took our kids to Amy's Farm. It's a working dairy farm and the kids really got to experience A LOT of cool stuff. We got to pick vegetables from their garden to feed the goats, get an up close look at their cows and a calf that had been born the day before, pet their horses, hold baby chicks, sit on the tractor and feed a baby calf. It really was so cool. Then there was some not-cool stuff that happened. Like when Joe got into the goat poop thinking it was just another dirt clod and smeared it all over his clothes, arms and hands, my shirt, camera and then (as I later discovered when we got into the car to drive home and looked in the rearview mirror) my hair (thanks Mom friends for telling me there was goat poop in my hair!).  If you subtract that disgusting incident and the fact that Joe was freaking out and crying the whole time, it was a totally fun trip and Maggie really enjoyed it (Delaney gathered sticks the whole time--so much for her first farm experience). And I really enjoyed it after we all got home and got baths and I could forget about the goat poop. 

Delaney & Van (FYI: they've kind of had a crush on each other in the past, but when we first got to the farm she threw a dirt clod at him and I figured it's because we haven't seen him in a few months and she's mad he never called her. Apparently they made up before the end of the trip)

Petting the baby goats

Joe's ONE happy moment on the tractor

Feeding the goats

Maggie had to muster up all of her courage to do this due to the fact that there were flies all over the one point she kind of got teary when they landed on her hand, but she shook it off and fed that calf the whole bottle. 

The highlight for Maggie was holding the baby chick

Delaney protecting her stick from the goat at all cost

The whole gang minus 2 or 3 kiddos. 


Rands said...

LOL. Never a dull moment!

Rachel said...

It's rude when they say they're gonna call and they don't. I'm sure he told Delaney that "his cell didn't get service." Psh, whatever. Tell her not to fall for it.