Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taylor update

Well, the only new thing I have to report on Taylor is that she is at least somewhat stable right now. She is responding well to the antibiotics it seems, but will still be in the hospital a full 3 weeks. She developed the bacterial meningitis from e-coli (no one really knows how the e-coli came about as of right now). Her parents are remarkable through all of this and Taylor is one tough cookie. Poor Taylor has already had to undergo a second spinal tap, an OR visit to insert a more permanent IV in her neck (only after she was used as a pincushion to try to do it without anesthesia) and is being given quite a tour of the Children's Hospital as they move her from room to room to room to room...etc... Please continue to pray for their family as they will endure a LONG 3 weeks to a hopefully perfect recovery. 

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