Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween, part 2

The kids were struggling with colds the day of Halloween, which was kind of a bummer, but they pulled it together to dress up and do a little trick-or-treating. As you can see below, the girls both dressed up as mermaids and Joe was a hodgepodge of characters. He told us he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear (which is funny b/c he only really knows about him from all of the paraphernalia--he has never watched Toy Story because he will not sit through movies yet). So, I went to Target and bought him the Buzz Lightyear costume and all month long he continued to talk about being Buzz. Finally the big day rolled around and Kody dressed him up in his costume, but before we could leave the house he had to grab his cowboy hat (which looks a little like Indiana Jones' hat) and his cowboy pistol. So, a lot of our neighbors were thoroughly confused, but I was just happy he dressed up and didn't throw a fit.

On a funny note, it was also "Free Burrito Day" at Chipotle, but the catch was you had to dress up like a burrito. Apparently a small amount of foil was sufficient so Kate and Ryan jumped all over that action and here's what the crew looked like before we left to trick-or-treat. I wish I could zoom in on Kate and Ryan's heads b/c on the foil around their forehead they wrote "Cheese + Guac". Too funny.

Maggie looks a little doped-up on cold medicine right here, sorry.
Space Cowboy

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Jeff and Jenny said...

Well, around this house, you can never go wrong with Muzz Lightyear in any form. Maddox was Buzz again, for the second year in a row!