Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little bit of April

Well, here's what we've been up to....

I brought over "helpers" to work on the house painting and as shocking as this sounds it is now actually going could be the quality of help, but they are super cute and work cheap.
(my nephew, Charlie)
Delaney--this was the disgruntled help. :)

Maggie "Living on A Prayer" Marrs located Kody's Halloween mullet wig (it's such a gem, we really could never part with it so don't you dare ask to borrow it or buy it b/c I just won't sell it--nope, not for all the money in the world. Really, stop asking....ok make me an offer).
Out of all my kids Delaney is the proud owner of about a billion nicknames (pipsqueek, short-round, tator tot, LaneyBug, string bean, etc...) but after seeing this photo you'll understand why she's also called Spider Monkey. She latches on and curls up and since she weighs about 10 oz. she gets away with it a lot! (excuse my paint clothes and grungy appearance!)
We do a lot of web chatting these days with the grandparents!
Joe is a biking maniac. He wakes up and asks to ride his bike immediately. It's cute....and tiring.
This is Delaney & Maggie--they have a very cute room, but only the few elite are invited in now that they have a door on their bedroom.
We had a crazy rainstorm one night and since Kody was out of town we had a big slumber party back in my bedroom. It was fun. Although, Delaney only made it one hour in and then realized how nuts it was to sleep on the floor--next to one's brother no less--and asked to go back to her own room! Princess Maggie had promptly taken the prime spot in bed next to me. :)
Since it rained all day for like 3 days straight we baked....a lot. Like 8 loaves of Amish friendship bread and all sorts of other baked goods that did nothing but make me not want to paint and sleep for 3 days!

*Maggie graciously did the dishes after all that baking. It's funny how much kids love to play in any form of bubbly water!


Lauren said...

Your children get bigger and cuter with every post.
I guess that frienship bread has been making its way everywhere. We made and now have 8 loaves in our freezer. It sure is good!
Your kitchen looks awesome. I can't wait to see more pics. You and Kody have really worked hard.

The Doerr Four said...

That wig is rad. I totally remember Kody sporting that every Halloween.