Friday, July 9, 2010

Camping, take 2

Phew! Where is the time going. We're in the middle of Summer, yet it is rapidly drawing to a close for us. Maggie starts school August 9th (yikes) so we're quickly squeezing every bit of Summer fun in where we can. We just returned from camping in the Sierras last week and I wanted to post some pics before the next big event!
You might remember last year we went camping for a night in Sequoia with the kids. It was a lot of fun and we have great memories. I grew up camping in the Sierras and this is the first time we have taken our kids to the same camp spot. We had a WONDERFUL time. The kids were able to experience a little bit of everything, and they were good sports about the heat, bugs and sometimes absent nap periods.

We got to go on lots of walks/mini hikes
Swimming/fishing hole (You can see why I make the kids wear life jackets here!)
Joe (here with my dad) caught 1 fish (and a bad case of sunblock in his eye).
Delaney caught nothing, but ate everything :)
This picture was taken from last year's camping trip. Maggie found a rattlesnake, and I made Kody dispose of it (after I got a picture of course).
This year, she caught 2 fish--better than rattlesnake.
Holding her rainbow trout
We also ran into snow on the drive up into the mountains--an added bonus!
Maggie got REALLY good at the tire swing in camp :)

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The Leslie Clan said...

Beautiful pictures! And, you know, it's hard to believe Delaney eats everything in sight. She's such a twig, like I was! It'll come in handy later. :-) Hope you're all doing well! I can't believe she's starting school already. Time is flying!!