Sunday, August 21, 2011

The girls and the cowboy

Well, school has started and we're back on a regular schedule. The kids are doing just fine and I thought I would upload a little of what it's been like around here.
Maggie started a gymnastics class a month ago--she LOVES it and does a cartwheel every 10 seconds. Watch yourself because she's oblivious to the people around her while in motion. :)

At the gym

Delaney still thrives on all things girly. I had to post this picture because she is wearing the flower girl dress wedding! Both she and Maggie have had turns to wear it and it always makes me smile when I get to pull it out for church.

No, this is not Clint Eastwood---it's my son, Joe. He is still into all things cowboy and Kody found these ponchos for him to dress up with in addition to the 47 other cowboy articles in his room. The mustache is a new trend.

It's kind of funny to watch your kids go through different stages. I'm just waiting for the Star Wars thing to kick in and then it will be a sad day when the cowboy clothes get packed away. :(

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Lisa said...

So cute! Can't believe how big the kids are all getting. I hope Joe doesn't get in on the Star Wars trend - the cowboy stuff is adorable! Miss you guys.