Tuesday, April 8, 2008

He's crawling, she's messy, & I'm busy!

Well, Joe officially started crawling last week (video below). It started out as a shuffle, then a scoot, and then he kind of tried to crab walk. He's still working on his form, and while he would much rather be walking he's figuring out that crawling gets him where he wants to go for now. He's much happier, and while I am a little frazzled I am glad to be done with the cries of frustration (for a while at least). Delaney shows no desire to crawl as of yet, but I'm not really pushing it right now--I'll take less chaos as long as possible!

Pre-Teething Biscuit. I thought I was so prepared taking their shirts off...

Post-Teething Biscuit (they needed baths anyway), and this picture really doesn't do them justice--Delaney actually got it in her ear??

Scrubbed & clean and sitting pretty,

while Joe would much rather be on the go.

For the time being he will have to settle for crawling though.