Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Part III

Well, we finally wrapped up our week of Easter fun (thank goodness, phew!). We enjoyed a nice weekend spent with Kody's family (minus Kody, and Grandpa --who has been stuck at the Denver airport for 4 days now on stand-by trying to fly home). :(
I think Maggie had fun with all of the decor and traditional stuff (ie Hunting eggs, Easter Baskets and the inevitable sweets)!

Opening an Easter Egg Basket from Uncle Kacy and Aunt Lisa

Hunting Eggs like a champ!

There were a few moments of panic when we couldn't find one of the hidden eggs

(can you imagine the stench in a few days!)

Luckily, it was recovered by Grandma and Maggie a minute later.

The kids all looked cute (I am a little biased though). Believe it or not the dress Maggie is
wearing is the actual dress the flower girl wore in our wedding. I can't believe how time flies!
Speaking of flying, I think Maggie misunderstood the whole Easter Bunny concept as she was waiting for him to arrive in his sleigh.

Hope your Easter was great!

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Rachel said...

You do have 3 of the cutest kids on the planet!!!