Monday, May 5, 2008


All about Delaney...
She makes this funny face when I take her picture up close (I think the light from the flash makes her kind of crinkle her nose and eyes). Too cute.

So, this child would never really take a pacifier (much to my dismay). However,
after being bullied by Joe she finally found that the ultimate payback was to steal his paci after he stole one of her toys. Soooooo, just out of spite she would suck on it after she stole it and has thus become a paci lover.

She holds her banana like a big girl now.

She enjoys kissing the "baby" in the mirror.

Just borrowing a measuring cup from the kitchen to do some cookin'

Not crawling yet, but enjoys rocking on her knees now!

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c&k Bridges said...

I love her little spanish bib! She and Joe are starting to look alike - at least in a few photos. What little cuties!