Monday, May 5, 2008


Maggie has gotten neglected in my recent posts BIG TIME. Here are some photos I've been meaning to blog for a while.

This won't mean much to you unless you're a motorcross fan or ride dirtbikes. Uncle Kacy got GREAT tickets to the Supercross here in Anaheim and since I had to stay home with the twins Kody took Maggie as his date that night. They had a great time, especially before the race when Maggie got to run wild throughout Anaheim Stadium over all of the jumps.

Playing at the park.

No, these aren't prescription.

Feeding her twins (Jeff & Penny ???) She couldn't find the double-sided bowls I use for the twins, so she got creative and found an old easter egg and popped it open to pretend with.


Jalyn said...

Maggie is so cute-she looks just like you, Jens! That picture of her "twins" creeped me out for a second because I didn't realize they were dolls. I thought, "what's wrong with Delaney's hair?" I need to get a new contact prescription. : )

c&k Bridges said...

Aww Maggie! She really looks up to you - she even wants twins herself! I love the goofy glasses. GiGi is going to love having more Maggie pictures on her frame, for sure!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! {Hopefully Kody won't forget!}