Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May madness

We kicked off this week with a haircut for Joe. His hair has been getting a little out of control and Kody finally bit the bullet and gave him a trim. He looks a lot older now, which is kind of sad, but very cute. The twins also got to try a BIG piece of watermelon for the first time this week (not just inside the mesh feeders). Delaney wasn't too sure at first, but it was a big hit with Joe (as you can see below)

And, finally, just 2 days shy of their 10-month birthday, Delaney started crawling forward. We referred to her as the inchworm for a while because she would inch her way around the house, but just backwards, and inevitably get stuck under all kinds of furniture. She is slowly learning how to keep up with her brother and actually beat Joe to a toy for the first time yesterday. Hurray for progress! (I think)


(waiting for Delaney to finally crawl really wore them out).

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