Saturday, June 7, 2008

Alabama, Kentucky, & Alabama again.

We flew out to Birmingham about 2 weeks ago for a 12-day visit with Kody's parents. We had a great time, and the kids did great with all of the traveling. Kody's mom helped me fly all of the kids out there and then home (thanks Dewey--couldn't have done it without you!) since Kody was at work most of the time, and despite all of the plane hopping and "baggage" things went pretty smoothly. We arrived in Birmingham on a Saturday evening, went to church the next day with his family, and then hopped in the car to drive to Bowling Green to visit Lauren & Travis and their kids for a short 2 days. Then it was back in the car and back to Alabama to spend some more time with Grandma & Grandpa for another week. The kids really were great travelers. Joe cut 3 more teeth during our travels and was in pretty good spirits. Delaney discovered how to hold her breath long enough to pass out when she gets mad and terrified us by doing it 7 times (Yes, I called the Dr. and she said not to freak out--some kids do it). And Maggie was a good sport as long as she had some of her comfort foods and milk whenever things seemed a little overwhelming.

The first 2 days of our trip in Alabama were spent trashing Grandma & Grandpa's house and getting acqainted with Grandpa.

Maggie thought it was awesome that there was a wooden deer set up in the back yard (if she knew it was for target practice she might be a little more shaken up about it).

Off to Bowling Green!

Once again, getting photos of our kids all smiling seems to be a challenge--especially when my girls are involved. Despite the way they look in this photograph, all of the kids had a good time and we really enjoyed our whirlwind visit.

On the road again...back to Birmingham in the Marrs family van!

BBQ, BBQ, & more BBQ

A satisfied customer.

After we recovered from a BBQ coma, Kody & his dad took a bike ride...

...Maggie spent many afternoons playing in Grandma & Grandpa's yard...

...Delaney found a favorite new toy at Grandma & Grandpa's house...

...And just before flying home we took a trip to the Birmingham Zoo.

(watching a Camel get a shower)

(photo op in the butterfly garden)

(that's Kudu behind them)

And we closed out our trip by helping/watching Grandpa clean out the garage. It's amazing what treasures you find!



Lauren said...

Jenny -
It was so good to see you, Kody and the kids. Jared and I both said when we got home that we wished you all were closer! Your children are precious and such joys. We look forward to your next visit. Hopefully then we can get Maggie and Blair together.
Take care!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry but that picture of Maggie crying is so funny...I'm sure at the time it was sad but it cracks me up. I can never be a mom. Great pics!

The Billingsley Brood said...

Jenny, you are such a brave one to take all the kids. That thing about Maggie holding her breath and passing out is hilarious, okay funny because its not my kid but I could just imagine it. Loved all the pics and glad to see you guys home safely.

Rands said...

My favorite pics from this post: (1)Maggie and Delaney having meltdowns on the couch (I love the dramatic faces!!- So funny!)
(2) Maggie cozying up to the "target practice" Bambi in the back yard-- priceless!
Looks like you guys had a great time visiting everyone- glad you're back safely/sanely!

c&k Bridges said...

I'm glad your trip was a success! I'm sorry to hear about Delaney's passing out, and Kody's crazy late night trip to the hospital as well. The pictures are priceless. Thanks so much for sharing them. We can't get Elaine's frame updated quick enough!