Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, I know it's been a while but we've had a CRAZY month! We kicked off August with a string of colds and random illnesses. Everyone is on the mend now, but it's seemed to take forever! I'll post some updates on the kids, and then move on to our visit from Lauren's family.
Delaney got this chair from a close family friend (I used to watch their Delaney) and she LOVES it. Unfortunately, so do her brother and sister so they fight over it often (we might need to get one for Joe because Delaney is getting pretty territorial).

Delaney has taken to hiding in odd places to play. She also gets stuck in these places.

Aunt Kate came home for a while (we hope she stays forever, but I'm sure she'll be moving on in a few months). The kids are happy to have her home...

...and apparently we are attempting to out-do the doublemint twins.

Joe is really into wearing a baseball cap. Kody usually has one on so we think that's where he gets it--it's pretty cute.

Katelyn's boyfriend, Ryan, came for a visit and Maggie was obsessed with him. She still "talks" to Ryan on her play phone.

We had fun getting to know Ryan a little better and hope he visits again soon!


The Billingsley Brood said...

Its about time you blogged again, not that I'm one to talk, but we've been checking back often for an update. Always love to see pics of the kids and glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

Jalyn said...

That picture of you and Katelyn is hilarious! Reminds of all our silly posed pictures at FC. : )
Your family is beautiful and I'm glad you are all enjoying the summer.

Sanderson Family said...

Yea!! New pictures!!!!

Rachel said...

Wait, I was under the impression Kate was staying forever too. Something needs to be done.

Love the pics...Delaney's chair is adorable. I wouldn't want anyone else sitting in it either!