Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Keller's Visit...

We just enjoyed a week-long visit with Travis, Lauren, Rex & Tyson. We went to Disneyland, played around the house a lot, and just enjoyed being together. We wish we all lived closer! Rex just turned 2 in June, and Ty, "the tank", is now 4 months-old. I always say Lauren gives birth to toddlers--isn't he a cute little chunk!
Aunt Lauren with Joe & Delaney

Disneyland--the whole gang (minus my parents)
Rex, Travis, Maggie & Kody waiting in line for Peter Pan
The carousel at Disneyland didn't really appeal to them (well, Maggie liked it but she was the only one), but the one at Irvine Spectrum provided a few minutes of entertainment for Rex & Maggie.
This was our attempt at a group shot of the kids.
Playing in the backyard with my Papa--he's referred to as "poppy" by the great-grandkids.
Maggie was quite the little mommy to Tyson. She was the same with Joe and Delaney, but now that they are mobile they don't really sit and let her cuddle on them anymore.
Ty looks a little concerned in this photo, but he seemed to love her as much as she adored him.


The Doerr Four said...

Finally a new blog. :-) Cute pictures. Sounds like you had a great time with your sister and family. It was good to see them. Hopefully they'll move back here one of these days.

Jeff and Jenny said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! It's pretty amazing to look at the group photo and see how the Dascenzi family has really changed!!

Rachel said...

Wow, are you guys in a stroller gang? How did you fit all those in the car? Did you rent a shuttle?

Looks like fun! Tyson's so big already!