Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maggie turned three!

Well, Maggie turned three on September 16th---we are in total denial that she is getting older. I guess it's going to happen no matter what. She already tells people she is either 4 or 16 when they ask her age (how things will change as she ages...she'll be telling people she's younger, not older!).  Anyway, we opted for a small family party again this year, but did do a small princess pancake party with her friend Emily. It was all Tinkerbelled-out, as you can see by the pictures, complete with matching Tinkerbell watches for the girls (which they sport in the photo below for you). 
The Pancake Bash

Tinkerbell sent her a copy of the movie Peter Pan so we can erase the one we have on DVR :)
Delaney thoroughly enjoyed the festivities of the day! did Joe!
Kody and I had the joy of watching Maggie see her big birthday gift...
...a new bike!
It was a little big at first, but she practiced on it ALL DAY with Kody and by the end of the day she could ride around the block without his help! Kody was so proud!
We bar-b-qued hot dogs in the back yard for lunch with just us (it was nice and quiet!)
And then Maggie had to get back on her bike for another roll around the block.
The twins aren't as bike savvy as Maggie, so they opted for the wagon. 
There was an abundance of Tinkerbell paraphernalia in her gifts this year since she's the current favorite!
Maggie loved the decorations, but the real shout-out goes to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer M&M's because without them we wouldn't have had the requested "pink" decor that Maggie wanted since all of the Tinkerbell stuff is purple and green. It's a win-win situation really. 
The Happy Birthday Girl!
In typical form, the kids are looking everywhere except at the camera! 

*once again, I swear we'll figure out the slide show option soon...seriously!


Lauren Nix said...

Hey Jenny - Happy Birthday to Maggie. It's hard to believe they are three. Seems like just yesterday we were pregnant. Jared and I are also in denial that Blair is already three. Where has the time gone? I love the Tinkerbell party. Your children are adorable. Take care.

Jeff and Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie! Looks like a great party. Love the pancake party idea!

The Doerr Four said...

We had a great time. Love to Maggie!

Jalyn said...

Happy 3rd birthday, Maggie! Congratulations Kods and Jens on all that's happened for your family in these 3 years, your children are beautiful!

The Billingsley Brood said...

Happy 3rd bday Maggie. So sorry we couldn't make it, it looks like lots of fun. We'll have to get together soon.