Monday, September 29, 2008

Road Trip!

Well, I know you're all thinking that I am insane for planning another trip so close in proximity to our last traveling fiasco, but I did it anyway and I'm so glad we did! I was itching to meet my new nephew, Charlie Sanderson, and Kody's Grandma was having a big birthday bash that weekend in the same town so it just seemed like the right time to go. No way was I getting on another plane though--so, we drove. Brea to Folsom: 7 hours.    
And how did it go you ask? FABULOUS!  Kody should have been a truck driver instead of a pilot b/c these kids loved being in the car. I packed lots of snacks, milk, toys/books and some DVD's. Since Kody was working Katelyn came along with me in my car, and my parent's caravanned in another car. I'm proud to say the kids weren't really interested in the DVD's. I think Maggie watched part of one movie on the way there, but the rest of the time they played, ate and SLEPT a lot! Maggie, continuing with her fear of public restrooms, didn't go to the bathroom on the way up or the way home, nor did she wet her pants. Yep, she held it the ENTIRE way! 
On the way there we made 3 stops for food and restroom breaks, and on the way home only one. The kids were awesome and I'm glad to know they can at least travel by car successfully! 

Charlie--he's totally cute, mellow and sleeps for freakishly long periods of time. How did Michelle luck out?!

Maggie and Uncle Dave showing off their trampoline skills

We took a little trip to Apple Hill for some good eats and good times. Maggie managed to squeeze outside of her comfort zone and braved riding a pony. I was really proud of her, and she loved it!

The twins watched safely from the sidelines.

We missed Kody & the Keller family, but managed to get in a little family photo while at Apple Hill. Left to right: Kate with Maggie, me with Joe, Dad, Mom with Delaney, Dave with Charlie & Michelle.

While at Great-Grandma's birthday party the twins decided to explore Great-Aunt Dana's water fountain. It was disastrous! They were all soaked and needed outfit changes, and the poor flower bed looked like it had been trampled by wild animals...or twins. 


Jeff and Jenny said...

You are so brave!! Glad you had such a good trip!

Larry said...

Loved your blog. your children are beautiful but considering the stock should be. miss seeing you and all your family. Say hello to your mom & dad for me.
Larry Billingsley

The Billingsley Brood said...

Glad to hear it went great. The pictures are beautiful. I can't believe how old the twins are starting to look. Wow, time is flying.