Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Cast of Peter Pan

We had a fun Halloween this year. In sticking with Maggie's obsession of all things Tinkerbell I went with a Peter Pan theme. I figured this might be my last chance to have control over their outfits.  Joe kind of got stuck as a pirate again, being Captain Hook, but Kody was firm that he did not want him to be Peter Pan (I told him Joe was secure enough in his manhood to wear tights but Kody didn't go for it). Delaney made a super cute Tiger Lily and Maggie was a lovely Tinkerbell. The twins hated their wigs, as evidenced in the photos below, but were good sports for all of 10 seconds so that I could snap a few photos. Oh yeah, and Kody and I went as Cowpokes b/c we attended a Halloween party with Maggie later that evening and didn't want to look boring. Maggie had fun making caramel apples earlier in the day and must have gotten her fill of sweets after that because she has yet to ask for a piece of her Halloween candy! I hate to see all those Tootsie Rolls go to waste, so I've taken it upon myself to make sure those don't go uneaten. 
I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! 
(P.S. Aren't you proud that I FINALLY figured out the slide show!)

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NicoleGrinnell said...

Jenny the kids look so cute!! And so do you and Kody! Wish we could have been w/ya'll - I love her Tinkerbell cute!