Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Week

Just a quick update. The twins and I caught a nasty head cold this past weekend so we're still in recovery mode. Joe is feeling better, I'm somewhere in the middle of it, and Delaney just started it yesterday (lovely, I know).  I thought I'd throw out some new photos since my dear husband took the kids for a walk to the park while I sit on the couch emptying out the kleenex box.

Last week I took the girls to a play date at our friend Maddox's house. Since Kody had the day off he and Joe hung out and he took him to the park. It looks like he had a good time...

...and they must have played hard b/c look what happened while on the swing.

He didn't even wake up during the transfer back to the wagon!

Miss Delaney asking to go "Nigh-night"  (I LOVE that girl!)

Since we were all a bunch of sickos and not a lot of fun to be around, my parents took Maggie to Knott's Berry Farm yesterday for a few hours. She enjoyed riding around in Camp Snoopy and even braved a few rides on her own (don't worry, my parents were right there with her the whole time, so she wasn't completely alone)
This one is called the "Huff-n-puff"

And last weekend Kody, Matt, Travis (our preacher at church) & Brian went on an overnight hiking trip up San Jacinto (by Palm Springs). They had a great time, but it was ccccold!  

The top of the Mountain. Since Travis was the official camera man I don't have a photo of him to post...sorry!

This picture looked kind of cool until Kody mentioned that a gust of wind caught his jacket and kind of made him wobbly up there. Now, to me, it just looks like the reason we carry life insurance on him.

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The Doerr Four said...

Look at our guys, they had fun, didn't they. I think we need to go on a girls trip or maybe just an evening out!