Saturday, March 7, 2009

A visit from Henry

Last week we were graced with a visit from our newest cousin, Henry. We had a great time playing with this cute little guy and visiting with Uncle Tyler and Aunt Dana. The kids were all fascinated with Henry's bald little head! They could not stop touching it (no matter how much I yelled at them).  And, although I do not have any pictures of her, we enjoyed having Grandma around for another week. We were sad to see everyone leave, but are gearing up for another visit next month!

Delaney (trying to escape), Joe, Maggie & Henry

Maggie loved holding him and bringing him toys and books--it brought back so many memories from when the twins were this age. It almost made me want to have another one...almost.

Sharing an inside joke.

*I would love to go into great length about what we've been up to lately, but some genius invented daylight savings time and actually thought it would be a good idea for us all to LOSE an hour of sleep (that person clearly did not have children). So, we'll catch you later. 

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Lauren said...

Everytime I see pictures of your kids, it looks like they've grown even more. Can you believe Blair and Maggie will be four this year. It makes me so sad. Where have our FIRST babies gone?