Monday, March 2, 2009

Airplanes: Take 2

Well, we said we wouldn't be traveling for a LONG time after our last plane fiasco, but amnesia finally set in and we packed up all of the kids and headed over to Alabama for a visit to Kody's parents. The trip out there was fairly uneventful--at times it even felt like it went by fast. The way home wasn't so lucky. Even with Kody's mom traveling back with us there's just no hiding that extra hour and a half that is thrown onto your travel time. It's enough to make you want to go crazy when you've got the kids (ie: twins) crawling all over you and passengers around you giving you all kinds of  menacing looks. But, it was nowhere near as bad as the previous flight and we had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa-- it's always worth the chaos of the flight! 

Grandpa kindly picked up some lovely play teeth for Maggie to sport around--I tried to make sure they didn't make it in our bag on the way home but somehow Maggie slipped them in.  

All of the kids were sick while we were there. Unknown to us, the twins came down with double ear infections (I know, we're such nice parents to put them on a plane with ear infections), and Maggie came down with a cold and fever the last day we were there.  Apparently there is no better cure for a cold than a few rounds of Aladdin and an endless supply of juice on Grandma and Grandpa's couch.

Delaney decided to become a Mexican doctor--she looks like she's having second thoughts in this photo though.  

And Grandpa made everyone's day when he converted an empty box into a fort/homeless shelter for the kids. They completely trashed that thing by the end of the week, but had a great time piling all of their toys into it and tormenting one another by closing the door on each other. 

In other news, Delaney has become slightly obsessed with the potty. She has yet to actually do anything while sitting on it besides emptying the TP roll, but she has a blast and loves to do whatever Maggie is doing. We're not pushing anything yet, but we're hoping that this phenomenon sticks and is contagious with her brother. 

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c&k Bridges said...

I always get a laugh or two while reading your blog posts. I love your style of writing and always hear your voice and picture your facial expressions while I'm reading. The kids are adorable and Uncle Kenny is a fun & crazy Grandpa. The kids are lucky to have homeless shelters and matching teeth. :)