Monday, April 13, 2009

Ballet: Encore

Maggie's tap and ballet class ended and we can officially report that it was a huge success. She loved every minute of it (minus one or two moments of 3 year-old frustration)--but all in all she really enjoyed it; and Kody and I had a blast watching her. She started the second ballet/tap combo class this morning and next week all of the parents have to start sitting outside the room while class is in session--we'll see how Maggie does with that one.  It took me like a year to get her to stay in Bible class by herself. 

Little Ballerina

Her certificate of completion for Ballet/Tap I

Tap/Ballet II pics coming soon...


Lauren said...

So cute! Glad she's enjoyed it. Blair is currently in a gymnastics class. She loves it...especially that she gets to wear a leotard.

Jeff and Jenny said...

You have to frame that first picture of little ballerina Maggie in that big, beautiful room! It's just adorable!!! This confirms it...I need a little girl!