Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cousin Craze

Well, it was about time for another mini-reunion with all of us Dascenzi girls since it's been (are you ready for this?) 2 YEARS since we've all been together at one time. Crazy, huh!
Anyway, Lauren and her family arrived about 2 weeks ago and the fun began. Michelle and her family came the following weekend for 4 days and by that time all of the kids were infected with some sort of cold/virus. Not only that, but every single kid got pink eye--plus Katelyn. Luckily we kept the trip low key. No Disneyland or anything this time--just laid back fun in the backyard and flexible schedules. Very low stress (except for the whole non-stop chaos and elevated noise levels throughout the house). 

We went to visit my Papa (known as 'Poppy' to the kids) and played in his yard one day. 
I wish this picture was better because Maggie kept smelling the flowers and sticking her nose right into the center of the flower, which left a lovely yellow pollen residue on her nose--and some moderate sneezing side effects. 

Poor Joe was starting a cold that day and wasn't really up to par, but I still think this picture is cute.

Since blogger puts my pictures out of order this was actually supposed to go at the end of this post b/c this was taken the last day they were here and Tyson pretty much summed it up for all of us: TIRED.

Rex, Maggie & Charlie in the bath--this is what Maggie did when I said "Smile!"

Sweet--and unnaturally quiet--Charlie.  The most mellow kid in the house bar none!

Nice group shot, right? Since none of the kids looked that great in ANY of the pics we took, I just chose the best picture of Lauren and I.

Delaney 's "cheese" smile.

This is how she poses for the camera now--with her finger under her chin. I swear I'm not training her to do this, but it certainly looks like she learned it from someone!

The Keller's: Travis, Lauren, Rex & Tyson (this was the best one I got--naturally neither of the kids are looking).

Rex & Travis

Maggie putting out the vibe by the lilies (aka: the potty dance)

Delaney & Joe de-barking the tree

Maggie & Tyson in the wagon

Rex in the tree--such a monkey!

Tyson--I LOVE those 2 bottom teeth!

Rex--looking like he's up to something  :)

The Marrs family (once again, no kids looking at the camera)

I think it's so cute how he wears his hat kind of tilted to the side

This was Delaney's face when I said "Don't pick Poppy's flowers"
'Who, me?'

Tyson enjoying the swing

Delaney doing her trapeze act

That's all folks!


The Leslie Clan said...

You got some GREAT pics, Jenny! Really cute! Thanks for posting so many. Seeing all the fun makes me super excited to meet Carson and join the crazy fun!

Lauren said...

What a fun time! I'm so glad you all got to be together. Your kids keep getting bigger and bigger. Joe looks like a "little Kody."
Will you be making a trip to BG soon?