Friday, April 24, 2009

The haircut

Poor Joe HATES getting his hair cut. And if you haven't figured it out by now we wait until a mop of hair has grown out on the top of his head before we cave and give him one because it's just miserable for all of us. He screams and I have to hold his hands while Kody clips and cuts and attempts to make it all look as if Joe hasn't been swatting at the scissors and turning his head around every time the clippers get near him!  I'm sure this will all pass--it just can't happen soon enough. 
Just pitiful--

One haircut, bath, and a few m&m's later...

Oh, this is just my other set of twins. 


Lauren said...

So precious!
Love the picture of Joe and Kody!

Keller Family Photos said...

I love my Joe! Have you tried letting him eat the m&m's while getting a haircut?? We've been known to go through 5 suckers and other various "treats" to get through a haircut. I have resorted to just using clippers and being done with it! Unfortunately, I just thought this morning, Rex and Tyson are due for a trim.