Monday, May 11, 2009

Just another manic Monday...

Not much to report over here....a lot of playing outside (in the sprinklers since it's so hot), a little bit of dress-up (I can't keep Maggie away from the high heels these days), and it's becoming painfully obvious that Joe is surrounded by girls (pink sunglasses, pink stroller...)--I don't even want to talk about the unfortunate Barbie incident of this morning (Maggie put him in charge of finding the Barbie shoes that were scattered all over her floor...poor fella).

(for all of my sisters: doesn't Maggie remind you of Grandma Sugar in this outfit with those heels!?)

(It's a good think he's wearing the Football shirt--I think it cancels out the pink, right?)


Rachel said...

Jenny, your son is almost two. While I'm a huge fan of all the pink, I think it's shameful that you haven't taught him which way sunglasses are worn! Child Protective Services, anyone?

Just kidding!!! (I have to say that for "Dance" and all the other bloggers who don't know me in person).

Maggie kills me. I can't wait until we can share heels.

The Doerr Four said...

Cool shades dude! But what I really love is the pink paci. It really makes the look complete.
I'm sorry Jen but I don't think Jack is going to be able to play with Joe anymore. It looks like he's questioning his, you know. I don't want Jack to get any ideas. Call us when he figures it out. hehehe

Lauren said...

Love Joe with the pink passy and glasses. He's sooo cute!