Monday, May 18, 2009

Ballet, class 2

Well, Maggie's second ballet class ended this morning and I think it was once again a success. She has always been pretty apprehensive about trying new things so all in all I think she has done awesome. I've really enjoyed taking her since my dad watches the twins and it allows us to have some one-on-one time for an hour, and because we go to Starbucks to treat ourselves to chocolate milk (hers) and a $7 coffee (me).  She might want to sign up for the next class just for the Starbucks perks--which is ok with me--but I think she also enjoys it.  :) 

Maggie running to me with her certificate of completion.

Running wild before class with the girls

Look at that form!

Just happy 

*When I asked Maggie if she wanted to sign up for another ballet class in a few weeks she said, "Yes, I just want to do more ballet....I mean, no I don't want to do ballet now, I just want a snack. Can we get a donut?"


Courtney said...

Hi Jenny, this is Courtney Craig. I was thinking of y'all the other day b/c Lauren was visiting and we were reminiscing about FC and Aaron was telling a story about Kody. Anyway, I thought I would just pop over to your blog and say hi! Your family is beautiful!

Rachel said...

That's my answer to everything. " need a donut."