Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun with Henry Wade

We enjoyed a weekend of fun with Tyler, Dana & Henry a couple weekends back.  The kids absolutely loved having Henry here and he provided hours of entertainment for the kids (and I think Henry enjoyed watching our 3 run around like crazy jibber jabbering monkeys). Henry is such a fun little guy, very laid back but you can tell he likes to play!  In fact, I think he wanted to play around the clock while they were here because he woke Dana up every hour at night, but other than that little problem things went great!

It makes Henry look kind of pitiful in this pack-n-play, but because he isn't completely sit-up savvy yet we did not want him tipping over and nailing his head on the wood floors (plus, Dana didn't have to worry about leaving him alone for a moment unattended in this). As you can see the twins were constantly trying to climb inside with him, and if we turned our backs for a minute they took the opportunity to dive-bomb him with tons of toys. Luckily, Henry loved it! And the twins thought it was great having a real, live baby doll in the house for a few days!

Maggie, taking her job of holding Henry very seriously here.
*On a side note, Maggie is quite insistent upon doing her hair these days--hence the big bow headband. I usually let it slide as long as we're not going anywhere semi-important. So, if you think her hair is starting to look a little frumpy/crazy in the upcoming photos posted here on out that is why.

Henry was BIG on kisses

Even Joe got nailed with a nice slobbery one!

Group hug 

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