Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Happenings...

We've got grandparents and great-grandparents arriving in about 5 minutes, so I wanted to do a quick catch up on some of the photos before they get here. We've had some serious June gloom this month, but it's starting to warm up more now and that means we're outside slathered in sunblock from about 9 am to 5 pm (minus nap time--I'd never cut that out!).  My parents bought the kids a slip-n-slide and while they looked at it as if it were some kind of foreign play thing the first time we set it up, they are now getting braver and even run down the middle of it instead of just around it. Their favorite part is collecting water in their shovels (see first photo) and sneaking a sip or two when I don't notice (gross). 

We also went over to my Papa's (Poppy to the kids) house to pick apricots (or 'A-key-cots' as the twins say) a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun. We just about picked his 2 trees dry and what's left went to the birds. We had so many apricots we were giving them away like crazy; and if this tells you anything we gave 2 sacks to a friends and she made almost 30 jars of jam--and that was only like one-eighth of what was yielded! The kids had a blast. Delaney would pick one, take a bite, put it in her sack, pick another one, take a bite and put it in her sack, etc...you get the picture. Joe loved going up and down the ladder and Maggie thought it was cool that she could reach some of the low-hanging fruit this year. Poppy's yard is awesome and it comes equipped with watering cans for all of the kids and an endless supply of nilla wafers and ginger snaps that he always has waiting for us on a picnic table.

Blurry picture, but a sweet moment between Delaney & Joe.


The Doerr Four said...

Can't wait to come over and try the slip n slide. Jack and Emily don't really understand the whole thing either but they love to be in ANY kind of water. Looks like fun!!

Rands said...

That is such a sweet picture with your Papa! You will treasure that!