Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday Parties, part 1

This year...
...Last year at 1 year birthday...

...and 2 years ago...These two popped out looking like Benjamin Button and a scrawny little bird and we've been loving life even more ever since! Joe finally grew out of his little old man stage and Delaney put on maybe 5 more lbs and grew some crazy curly hair and they're best buds and a joy to have around.  I can hardly believe it's already been 2 years! 

We thought a small family party this year would be nice for the twins' 2nd birthday, little did we know that it would be like Christmas, part 2. They got TONS of stuff somehow. My small family party ended up being a wild and crazy 2 hours of chaos as they ripped through new gifts. Delaney put everything on she received and grabbed her cart to put everything else in, Joe's favorite gift is his guitar and he sat quite contently on the couch when the party was over just strumming along.  Thanks, family, for all of the stuff!

Delaney, showing off her new bling and heels

A thumbs up from Joe on the bike!

Guitar and harmonica=happy Joe

(as you can see, my transition to brunette lasted like 9 months before I said forget it and brought back the blonde! I'm weak).

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Rands said...

i know what you mean.... i have to practically sit on my hands every time i go to the salon to stop myself from getting highlights! it's so addicting.
the twins are adorable... can't believe it's been two years! ready for more ???????