Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy birthday to twins

Looking into the future....

A message from Joe & Delaney:  
"We turned 2 today. It was pretty awesome. We had a great party yesterday with our family and got more toys than mommy and daddy anticipated and mommy said something about 'combining this with Christmas for next year'...whatever that means. Today we just played with all of our new toys and totally rocked our potty training. I guess it's gross to go in a diaper, so we're trying to be big and use potties. Mommy bought us our own potties that play music when you 'go' in them. They were cool for a couple of days, but now we just like the big ones and that means mommy has to run back and forth between two bathrooms when we're sitting there to see who's 'going' and who's just unrolling the TP roll--she looks totally funny and a little stressed. 
Anyway, she doesn't know we're blogging so we better go. I think she'll post pictures from the party later this week. 
Later dudes."


The Billingsley Brood said...

Joe & Delaney - great post. Glad to hear you think going potty in a diaper is so gross...keep us the good work....oh yeah, go easy on your mom, she loves you bunches!

Momma said...

I love the post from the twins. Best of luck to you all. Happy Birthday kiddos!!!!

Mandy Hoggard

Jalyn said...

Happy Birthday Joe and Delaney! Turning 2 is a big deal and it sounds like you are jumping in feet first. Have tons of fun this year!