Monday, June 29, 2009

Bring on the heat

The 90+ degree weather has arrived, and thankfully we're prepared with bubble guns, a slip-n-slide, sprinkler attachments and a large planting area my dad is resting this season which has turned into the kids' dirt pile. The kids have enjoyed days of living in a bathing suit and hanging out outdoors. The only problem with this heat is you know your day is going to go one of two ways:
you live outside and just deal with the heat even when you don't really want to 
you live inside and pray that the AC doesn't break.
Today would be one of those ladder days. Luckily the kids are playing nicely (aka: they are no where in sight at the moment, but no one is screaming or crying so I'm just hoping things are going ok), so here are some other recent photos from our previous June happenings.

Joe always gets so excited whenever Kody works on his bike. This day it was double the fun b/c Kody was washing it. 

Maggie and I had a fun first this week: Pedicures together.  I drove my mom to the beauty shop to get her toes done before her upcoming back surgery, and Maggie came along and I thought it would be fun for her to get her toes done with me. She wanted nothing to do with the filing, foot washing, massage, etc....Just the standard polish was fine for her. It was a lot of fun and she has enjoyed showing off her pretty polish and the little white flowers on her toes.  


Matt Ormond Family said...

Why have we not gotten together yet? I slack. We will be in Brea tomorrow to see "Igor" (the free movie). Would you guys like to go? Or meet at a park for lunch later or somethin'? Let me know- If not tomorrow some afternoon this summer. Or if you want to take the kiddo's to the beach it is a hop & skip away from us. That would be fun too! xoxo

The Leslie Clan said...

How cute! What a big (and lucky) girl Maggie is! I didn't get my first pedicure until I was in high school, I think. And I love the picture of the three kids in their swimsuits with sunglasses on. Joe looks like he's about to lose his trunks! Hehe.

Rands said...

Back surgery!?? Your poor mom! We (girls + me) are going to be in CA the second week in August and would love to see you! I was thinking maybe a beach day w/ the kids would be fun if you guys are in town and up for it.

Janelle said...

Jenny: Sorry to contact you through your blog, I have misplaced your phone number! I have a baby swing that belongs to you in my garage, and was wondering if you needed it back any time soon, or if you might be generous enough to continue the lending chain? My brother and sister-in-law (Jeremy and Amanda) are expecting in early August and were wondering if they might house the swing at their place, if you didn't have any other plans for it. Just let me know!!
P.S. Your kidsies are growing up soooo fast, I can't believe it!

Sanderson Family said...

I can't believe how big the kids are getting! My favorite picture is the one with them in the suits ang sunglasses! I hope we get to see you soon!!