Sunday, October 18, 2009


Kody has been gone A LOT this month so far, but he had a few days off last week so we took the kids to get pumpkins....

This sheep's hair is tragic (so I took a picture of it).
Joe Cool
They were too antsy to sit still for the camera.
Maggie's pumpkin

Not pumpkin related, just sister related (sorry it is blurry). If you're wondering what's on Maggie's chin she decided it would be fun to do pillow dives on the hard-wood floor last week. She missed the pillow and her poor chin met the floor--the bruise is getting better, but it was a nasty one!

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Lauren said...

I probably say this everytime, but your kids get bigger and cuter everytime you post. Maggie's hair is so pretty. I love it long. Do you have costumes for your kids yet? Blair and Logan are both going as monkey's. =) Take care. Any plans for a trip to BG soon?