Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitchen: Stage 1

Let me start off this post by just saying I don't understand the bloggy picture upload feature and why it never puts my pictures in the order I want. Just when I think I have it figured it out, it fails me again. That being said, I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to upload these in the right order 4 different ways and then decided that you'll just have to look at progress backward in this post.
Now, the kitchen is in no way close to being done, but we are half-way done. And just to show that I haven't been all talk about all of the work going on around here I thought I would share a few photos. The original kitchen is pictured in the last 2 photos. As you can see it was pretty confined, dark, outdated and there was little counter space. Kody took out a wall and re-routed plumbing, electrical and a drain pipe; then he tore off countertops and extended them where the sink was, and ripped up the floor and then started redoing our cupboards. We obviously can't afford to get all new cupboards (yes, we looked and priced), so Kody bought a few wood-working tools and is re-doing ours and I took the old finish off and will be painting them. So, as you can see from the photos below, the painting and cupboards are still unfinished, but aren't you impressed with all of the work Kody did besides that! I'm anxious to put the kitchen back together, but am also glad that it's been functioning with the exception of a day or two during the past 2 months.

"after" pics
new sink and countertops
new kitchen layout without the wall (no cupboards or paint yet). With the exception of the countertop installation Kody has done it all with that innate "man" knowledge of knowing how to do things and with some guidance from people at Home Depot/Lowes and his Dad. It's all foreign to me!
*on a funny note, when we took out the countertop and sink in the guest bathroom Kody had to replace the hose valves and when he took the drain pipe apart this is what he found:
yep, somehow a toothbrush had been shoved down the drain (and no, it was not from my kids b/c that bathroom--with the exception of the toilet-- has not been used since we moved in due to a hole in the sink). We thought this was hilarious--and disgusting---but mostly hilarious!

Kitchen during demo--it looked like this for about a month
Before with the wall

*I'll post better "Before/After" pics when the painting is done!


Jeff and Jenny said...

The new kitchen looks awesome! It will feel so good when it's all finished. Who knew you could enjoy doing dishes when it's in your brand new kitchen!

Matt Ormond Family said...

it's going to be gorgeous! It looks awesome and when it's done will be all yours :) hee hee!