Saturday, February 13, 2010

real quick...

Hi all, quick post here. We had some family photos taken not long after we moved up here and I thought I would post a few of those pictures. To see ALL of them, go to, scroll down toward the bottom to the folder that says "Marrs" with the kids on the front.
Everything is going well, nothing super new to report. The house is coming along and the painting starts this week (yay!). The kitchen has been a huge project and while it seems like it's never going to get done, I just keep reminding myself that we have not been here 2 full months and it is so close to coming together! I can't wait to be able to post some before/after pics for you to see!
The kids are still doing great and enjoying hanging out with their cousins. They miss gam-gam and Papa (my parents), but we've had 2 visit from them and are planning on going to see them next month.
Well, that's all--I'll check in soon!

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Rands said...

Great pics, Jens! I love the ones with Maggie in that hounds tooth coat and the one of Kody and Joe cracking up-- precious!