Wednesday, October 20, 2010


my bloggy-ness is pathetic lately.
Our lives have hit fast forward since the last post. Now that Maggie is in 5-day a week school things have started to speed up considerably. The twins are handling it pretty well--mostly because they have realized how nice it is to have a few more toys to themselves (and to have one less bossy girl in the house for a few hours each day).
In other happenings: Maggie turned five (pics below), home improvement continues over here (kody built a fireplace mantle in our latest episode of "This Old House"--it's beautiful, pics below), Joe is going through a cowboy phase (he wakes up and puts full cowboy attire on every day--boots, holster, hat, jeans, and a long sleeve button up shirt--even when it's 90 degrees outside), and Delaney is her normal high maintenance self. She's as sweet as can long as you don't touch her jewelry, dress-ups, play make-up, and keep her nails polished to her standards. :)

Princess Delaney (AKA Fancy Nancy)
Kody's Mantle--I'm in the process of painting it now
Maggie's 5th birthday--we went to Apple Hill and went fishing (per her request) and had donuts. It was probably my favorite birthday party to date. :)
Cowboy Joe
The big kindergarten girl--and the cool stuff she brings home from school!


Rands said...

I think Delaney and Ellie are cut from the same cloth! Ellie often insists that I give her the 'delicate' bowl to eat her oatmeal from! Sheesh. :)

Keller Family Photos said...

LOVE the bat hat Maggie!!! I LOVE the stuff they bring home from school- cracks me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Kody- I need your help. My name is Mike Dant and I went to Makarion some years ago. I had you as an instructor. I also work for UPS. (909)837-8947. Thanks!