Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anybody out there?

Last post October 2010....OK, you could say I've been a bit distracted---or lazy and kind of cheating on Blog spot with Facebook. Anyway, I'm trying to get back on here because my blog is a disgrace to my so-called organizational skills, and I need to either keep up or delete this thing! However, the thought of deleting it makes me so sad! I started the blog when the twins were infants in an effort to better organize/chronicle fun events and stories, and to allow out-of-state relatives instant photo access to our lives. So, I'm back. I think. Don't hold me to it.

Let's see, where to start:
Fall: For Halloween Joe was a cowboy, Maggie was a Fall Fairy (random last minute dress-up pick that required a horrible alteration job from me and a frantic trip to Michael's where I purchased a Cornucopia centerpiece that doubled as a headpiece---yikes), and Delaney was Fancy Nancy. Much candy feasting was had by all...including a parental tax that had to be enforced on all tootsie rolls.
Winter/Christmas: We spent it here at my home and my sister, Michelle's, house with my folks. We stuffed ourselves and enjoyed 'Just Dance' performances from most family members (video is on-hand, but I'm pretty sure my family would disown me if I posted....sorry).
Spring: After a long chill it is finally starting to warm up, which just reminds me of how hot it gets here in the summer and kind of makes me miss the cold. We have thoroughly enjoyed NOT having to work on our house as much this year with the exception of a few random projects that always pop up and now find our home a nice place to be as opposed to the disaster it was last year while we remodeled and fixed everything that was broken (at least, we hope).
Maggie will be finishing with kindergarten in a few weeks (what!?). It's been a fun, but rocky year. She is a crier. Not just a little teary, mind you, but what most people would describe as an "emotional basket case". I mean, some days are OK, but crying at drop-off is still a very real part of our day and it does make me dread taking her. Sooooo, I pawn it off on Kody whenever he is home (horrible of me, I know). In my defense I volunteer regularly and have become very close with her teachers as they have guided me through this drama and I certainly can't say enough about THEIR patience level. It helps that the teachers find her very sweet and well-behaved and constantly give me reason to believe that this too shall pass. Additionally, Maggie is also a homebody. Like, I'm pretty sure if I told her she couldn't go back to school and I was going to be teaching her from now on she would squeal in delight and ask if she could also complete college coursework with me. I've tried to embrace this as only a worn out Mama can by reminding myself how much she loves all of us, but I admit I am weary of the tears and I do hope she starts to enjoy school more. On the flip side, I am very proud of all she has accomplished in school and while it's not her favorite place to be, she is a good worker and will be moving onto first grade; even if she is running out of her classroom after myself or Kody in a fit of tears begging to go home. Yeah, it's happened. More than once.
By all means, if you have experienced anything like this and have pearls of wisdom to offer, then now is the time to throw 'em my way!
We just spent a wonderful Spring Break down in So Cal. with my parents and took the kids to Disneyland. It was magical. Best trip to date--no diapers and no naps necessary made for one incredibly enjoyable day. Not to mention having wonderful family and friends that paid our way into the park. I'll get those pics up in the next post.
Glad to be back...............hopefully.............most likely.....for good. I certainly enjoy reading my friends/family's blogs and have continued to follow everyone else even in my lameness! So, for the 4 of you out there that continue to check up on me (if even that), I'll try not to let you down!


Rands said...

That was the most hilarious sweeping update post I think I've ever read! It felt like watching one of those 1-minute-montages that they have at the end of America's Funniest Home Videos.
So sorry Maggie is a crier-- if it makes you feel any better, Ann reports that Daniel was the exact same way! She even used to pawn it off on John too! Daniel says he remembers hating school and crying about it until at least third grade (what a nancy.) Anyway, he obviously got over it and learned to love school-- so much that he's still not finished! ugh. Maybe he should have stuck with the tears :)

Marrs Family said...

thanks rands.
and i just laughted a solid minute over you calling daniel a "nancy".

Lisa said...

YAY!!! So glad you're back! I've been checking regularly and was so surprised today to see that I have a few of your blogs to read up on! Love being able to read/see what's going on with you guys!