Monday, May 9, 2011


First off---this was us yesterday on Mother's Day. Feeling truly blessed to have such sweet kids. I got HILARIOUS cards that Kody let each of them pick on their own, and while I did get a few gifts that I had really been wanting the best gift was having Kody off and at home all last week to help out at home (and Starbucks offering half priced frappuccinos through May 15th helps immensely!).

Disneyland pictures!
I am a bit out of practice with uploading photos on here and in typical bloggy form, nothing is in order. Enjoy!
This is the crew (minus Katelyn the photographer) at the end of the day---can you tell they are all worn out?

Joe & Delaney on Small World

Meeting Goofy

Waiting patiently for the girls to pick out their Minnie Ears in the Mad Hatter

Maggie's maiden voyage onto Space Mountain (I still can't believe she met the height requirement....and she enjoyed it!).

Super excited to be here!!

playing in toon town

Reunited with a best friend. Maggie & Emily on the carousel.

Delaney, Joe, Jack, Emily & Maggie

Delaney's fancy Minnie Ears

Maggie's fancy Minnie ears

Emily and Maggie, ready for Haunted Mansion

Maggie & Kody enjoying the tea cups. Let's just say the twins didn't really enjoy it---like I am pretty sure they don't ever want to do it again. I wasn't even spinning the wheel and they were in freak mode.

Emily & Maggie with Mickey Mouse

Ice Cream break

Joe with his two role models: Daddy & Buzz Lightyear

Loving life.

It was a super fun day & we all desperately want to go back!


Grandpa said...

Jenny -
Dewey and I thoroughly enjoyed your latest entry. What fun, what joy, what a sweet family...and what a great mom you are.
We rejoice with you and Kody on being so blessed by our Heavenly Father.
We love you all so much,

BTW, you're a good writer

Marrs Family said...

thanks Kenny.
I knew I could count on at least 4 people to continue following the blog: You, Dewey, Susan & Phil. :)