Friday, July 8, 2011

The rest of June

Well, the rest of June passed slowly and uneventfully even with a VBS and a mini kid camp I hosted at my house for a few days with some of Maggie's friends. Our days were filled with painting, sprinklers, lots of otter pops and VBS class preparation. :) After all that business ended, we got in the car and made a beeline for my folks' house in So. Cal. for a Dascenzi sister reunion! The weather was amazing, the kids were crazy, and the sleeping arrangements were....interesting. Screams of happy children broke sound barriers and where toys weren't underfoot there seemed to be a small child (most likely eating something they hijacked from the ground that would later be dislodged from their throat). It was wonderful. The kids cried when it was time to go, but thankfully we had another set of Grandparents waiting for us at the house when we got home. More on that in the next post. :)

Left to right: Maggie, Delaney, Charlie, Joe & Ben
Ok, I am bummed this is missing my other two nephews. Hopefully I'll have some to post later.
Joe has recently become more intrigued with our Wii. We received it as a Christmas present and in my head i was thinking, "yeah right, none of the kids are going to care or be coordinated enough to play THIS!" Little did I know Joe has mad skills.
This sweet girl was too pretty not to post. This was Father's Day. :)

Delaney on Father's Day
Joe on Father's Day (things weren't going his way here).

Cute cousins on a picnic!

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