Friday, June 10, 2011

Joe, the big kid

There's not much to this video....other than the fact that Joe is riding without training wheels!! They came off last week and Kody has been practicing with Joe whenever he can. Joe took to it like a champ and we're all really proud of him.
It's kind of funny that our 3 year old is doing this before our 5 year old, but Joe has always been really into the bike so I guess it should come as no surprise. :)

Other than this, our summer has been pretty low key. Lots of sleeping in going on over here (thankfully) and our days are filled with lots of summery bliss!


Lisa said...

Yay Joe!!! That's so awesome! Can't believe how big those kiddos are getting! Maybe now that he doesn't have training wheels anymore, Maggie will want to step up her game! :)

Jenny said...

Go Joe!! What a big guy! He is the man of the bunch, after all. :-)