Friday, March 21, 2008

"Easter" Part II

Maggie and I pulled out the egg dye kit on Tuesday morning and decorated quite a few eggs with Kody. She got a little crazy with her stirring, so we had to bring out her kitchen apron. About 5 seconds after this photo was taken I had to throw mine on as well. Let's just say stirring egg dye and singing "Roll the Gospel Chariot" doesn't really mesh.

Our trial-run was a success (we're having another egg hunt this weekend with the Aunts & Uncles, my Papa, and Grandma Dewey, so this was good practice). Here's Maggie finding her first egg. And yes, she is still wearing her kitchen apron (which, I might add, was worn by her mommy when she was this age!).

No time to smile for pictures, this is a woman on a mission!

And where were Delaney & Joe??

Delaney was up to her normal goofball antics in the exersaucer...

while Joe spent some quality time breaking in his new tooth on the furniture.
Does this look seem a little guilty to you?

Easter, Part III still to come! Stay Tuned.


Rachel said...

The bunny ears are too cute!

c&k Bridges said...

I love the bunny ears and the apron! How cool that you still have your childhood apron & are able to pass it down. I want to kiss all of their little faces off!