Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rainy/Boring Days

Like the title says, this isn't going to be the most exciting update. We all came down with colds...again...and are slowly recovering. We've had a string of rainy days which is kind of nice, but kind of like torture with kids when you are stuck in the house for days at a time.  And, as you all know, when you are stuck in the house you try to come up with creative things to do with your kids. We've played Candyland  A LOT with Maggie, more play-doh time than I can ever recall, and built multiple structures with our Lego blocks worthy of Architectural Digest recognition; and then when I got bored with that I came up with the brilliant idea of giving the kids haircuts. Maggie got a trim, Joe got an overhaul on his Beatles mop, and while Delaney's trim went well I then decided she might look cute with bangs and am certain she will look back on this stage in her life through photos with vehement hatred toward me. I don't know that I totally hate them. My stylist cut them and did a great job, and I think she still looks cute (then again, I am her mother), but as we all know bangs are rarely a good idea and I feel totally responsible as her mom to make sure she never looks goofy.  I have never been a fan of bangs (sorry mom), and it's probably because I ALWAYS had them growing up. So, Delaney, all I can say is "It's hair, and it will grow out."

Joe down and out with another ear infection and nasty sinus infection
Fun with play-doh (the infamous bangs)

I don't think she's into them.

Maggie is in week 3 of ballet and doing great! (she's second from the end on the right)
this is just a short clip--for Grandma Dewey!


Rachel said...

No girl's life is complete without a phase of terrible bangs. At least she's getting it over with early and not in the 3rd grade like her good friend Rach. Haven't had a date since.

The Billingsley Brood said...

I actually think I like the bangs. I think she looks adorable so I will be a fan, even if I'm the only one. Rock 'em out Delaney.

Keller Family Photos said...

I think she looks cute! She's just 1!!!

Rachel said...

I wonder what "Dance" thinks about the bangs...