Thursday, September 10, 2009


We finally made good on our promise to take Maggie camping and drove up to the Sequoia National Forest for 1 night a couple of weeks ago. We had a really good time and the kids enjoyed the whole camping experience. Even though we weren't in the National Park we still found one grove of 'Big Trees' called 'The Trail of 100 Giants' and we all were amazed at the size of them!

Taking a walk

Toasting marshmallows

Going on a bear hunt

Packed into the car like sardines!

We felt industrious using this log as a bench seat for the twins since we couldn't fit additional chairs into my car
Delaney was less than thrilled to wear this outfit. I put this flannel on her and she cried "Not pretty!" Kody and I thought she looked cute though, and she forgot about it when she found this stick.

Prior to setting up camp I gave what Kody thought was a ridiculous speech about the dangers of the forest that focused primarily on snakes. Maggie listened intently as I told her that some snakes are dangerous and she should never try to play with them, but come and tell us if she sees one. So, once we started setting up camp I heard two "Snake!" screams come from her and both times ran over to find a worm inching it's way over a piece of firewood or something. The third time she came over and said, "Mommy, there is a BIG snake over there," pointing just 200 feet from our camp I was hesitant to believe her and even joked that it was probably another worm. I don't know what possessed me to actually walk over to the pile of pine needles she was pointing to, but I did and to my shock and HORROR there all coiled up was a huge rattle snake! I grabbed all the kids back by the scruff of their necks and yelled for Kody. Upon inspection (ie: Kody throwing a couple of rocks at it, then poking it with a long stick) we discovered that it was dead (thank heavens). Still, the paranoid mother in me refused to just leave it there and since we didn't have a shovel with us I insisted that we dispose of it the only way we were able (no, not eating it like Bear Grylls)--I made Kody build a separate fire pit and we burned it. He was a little less than thrilled to do that, but I told him it would be a learning experience for the kids and it definitely wasn't safe to have even a dead rattlesnake around the camp.
Maggie the snake charmer. I praised Maggie up and down for doing exactly what I had instructed her to do and she looked at me with this precocious expression and said, "I know mom, I saw that snake and thought 'Oh grief, I gotta get these kids out of here.'"
Kody and I just about died laughing when she said that.

One of the big trees

Cozy at camp

The boys took it upon themselves to build the fire pit for us helpless women.

Delaney & Kody in the nook of a tree.
So long, Summer, see ya next year.


Kyle, Courtney & Taylor said...

"'Oh grief, I gotta get these kids out of here.'" --- HILARIOUS! I seriously laughed out loud.

Those kids have so much personality oozing out their pores, you can see it in the pictures. I love the Converse, the blue jeans and the pacis. Miss Maggie is really starting to look more and more like you, Jenny.

Can't wait to see you all again next week! :)

Jeff and Jenny said...

Love the snake story! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Matt Ormond Family said...

I was about to say how much fun and we want to go with you... until I read the rattlesnake part. You are a good woman! :)

Rands said...

I still have a completely and totally paralyzing fear of snakes stemming from a similar incident when I was about 8 years old and my family was camping in Utah. Basically everywhere we go that is the least bit a part of 'nature' I give the lecture you described. Way to go, Maggie! Did you throw in the story about the Boy Who Cried Wolf just for fun??

Jalyn said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! We are planning to camp with Marin before baby brother arrives. Hopefully we'll avoid the snake sightings. Maybe Maggie can tag along with us just in case- sounds like she's a pro. : )